Web3/Metaverse Chat with Mark Zuckerberg

From their purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 respectively, Facebook has always demonstrated a real understanding of going where the attention is. I think their most recent move is no different. While the name switch seems random to some, it made perfect sense to me for the times we’re in. With their entrance into the VR space through innovations like Oculus Quest, and of course the current surge of NFTs and Web3 technology, rebranding as Meta is a timely decision that makes a lot of sense for where the company — and society — is ultimately headed.

The Impact of AI-Enabled Smart Cities

“All kinds of automation are great, BUT a city is about satisfying the quality of life of its residents before everything. Integrated dashboards with AI and robots, and tech-supported decision makings are a life-long technical dream of all generations of urban professionals, engineers, architects, but most of the people would agree that there would not be worse governance than the one of scientist government. For the simple reason that humans are sensitive entities more than rational ones, highly unpredictable and so far never completely understood by any science.”

Smiling Robots Alleviate Human Anxieties with Expper Technologies

Loneliness and isolation are heightened in the midst of the pandemic. Can robots fill a void? Expper’s founder Karén Khachikyan says the company’s robot Robin changes a kid’s perception of medical treatments, where they will no longer feel isolated, lonely, and scared. The innovator explains how his whimsical four-foot robot employs digital facial expressions to form lasting bonds with its young users.

The Cambrian Intelligence Case Study and the New Normal: Virtual Offices, Schools, and Manufacturing

Moving past the hysteria, computer vision is a defining element of intelligent machines transforming mechanical movements into dynamic workflows.

Don’t Worry About Coronavirus, There’s A Bot For That…

Sitting in New York’s former Engineer’s Society, I spoke with Oleg Kivokurtsev of Promobot and discussed his latest service bot creations that are being deployed across the globe in hotels, office buildings, and hospitals. Fay-Louise Hayden of VentureOut (his New York mentor) shared a vignette of her experiences last month as the imposing humanoid diagnosed tourists in Times Square for […]

NASA Prepares the Nation for Flying Taxis?

Autonomous eVTOLs (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing systems) are coming sooner than you think.

Reinventing The Wheel, Autonomously

Logistics in America is one of the fastest-growing private sectors of the economy, generating more than $1.6 trillion of spending (or close to 10% of GDP) in supply chain, transportation, and distribution investments.

The Watershed Moment For Underwater Drones

Probably the only time that you’ll see Boaty McBoatface in our publication…

5 Cool Things to Look Out for In The Future

The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything conference was an enjoyable slate of a few days that included cutting edge products and panels of incredible thinkers and doers. We rounded up five things that completely caught our eye and made us excited for the future. The Automated Bartender: Barsys Getting a drink just got a […]

Tackling Sustainability and Urbanization With AI-Enabled Furniture

At the turn of the twentieth century, the swelling populations of newly arrived immigrants in New York City’s Lower East Side reached a boiling point, forcing the City to pass the 1901 Tenement House Act. Recalling this legislation, New York City’s Mayor’s Office recently responded to its own modern housing crisis by enabling developers for the […]