The Cambrian Intelligence Case Study and the New Normal: Virtual Offices, Schools, and Manufacturing

Moving past the hysteria, computer vision is a defining element of intelligent machines transforming mechanical movements into dynamic workflows.

Is China An AI Security Concern?

Recently, the Interior Department ordered the grounding of its drone fleet that was made in China or contained Chinese parts. This comes on the heels of similar actions taken by the Department of Homeland Security in May and the United States Army in 2017. While political pundits credit the ban to the Trump administration’s policy initiatives […]

Musk is Wrong, We’re Not Already Cyborgs

Neuralink proposes to transcend reality and make virtual experiences feel totally real. How will Elon Musk’s neuralink challenge subjectivity?

What Happens When The Unmanned Awakens And Becomes Self-Aware?

The star of the Super Bowl wasn’t on the field, but the robot in Michelob ULTRA commercial. The metal beast was featured living and playing among humans, taking any opportunity to show off his brute strength. The bot smugly proves he do anything better than his organic citizens, except down a cold one. In the closing caption,  […]

We Propose a New Stack for the Net

Back in the ancient tech times, when phone signals traveled over wires and TV signals traveled through the air, the limitations of then-existing hardware and software compelled a layered, flexible approach toward getting any information from Point A to Point B. The most elegant and powerful solution to this situation was the TCP/IP stack, which […]

The Legal Dilemma Of Intelligent Machines

Walking into XPONENTIAL 2018, I was dumbfounded by the keynote speech by Professor Zeynep Tufekci of the University of North Carolina. To paraphrase, ‘In the future, we will no longer need two pilots, planes will have just one captain and a dog. The dog will be there to bite the human in case he touches anything.’ […]

Can Quantum Computing Save Us From A Third AI Winter?

Since Alan Turing first posed the question “can machines think?” in his seminal paper in 1950, “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has failed to deliver on its promise. That is, Artificial General Intelligence. There have, however, been incredible advances in the field, including Deep Blue beating the world’s best chess player, the birth […]

Where We Are Investing Now: Neuroscience

Humans, like computers, are both hardware and software. Human hardware consists of cells, bones, blood, all the physical stuff that comprises our bodies and their many systems. Human software is psychology, mood – the world of our mind and emotions, as opposed to simply our brains. In terms of technology, humans-as-hardware solutions include advances in […]

Does My Company Need to Hire a Chief AI Officer?

Recent news that Facebook has hired IBM Watson developer Jérôme Pesenti to head up its Artificial Intelligence department, has sparked debate in corporate boardrooms nationwide as to when’s the appropriate time to onboard an Artificial Intelligence (AI) officer. The thinking goes, every major corporation needs a C-level officer to develop and implement an AI strategy […]

Labor and Automation’s Symbiotic Relationship

President Barack Obama’s parting words “Be Kind & Be Useful” struck a chord with me and my daughter. This morning, it led me to buy a homeless man gloves and rethink how we adopt technology. I would like to controversially suggest that Asimov’s fictional laws be amended to include this sentiment. The adage could be a guiding […]