Why the Potential of Big Data is Yet to be Realized in a Tech Market Ripe for Innovation

In the high stakes game of evolving into an unpredictable and new industry like the metaverse, data will be seen as more of an asset for businesses, in a similar way as ROI is valued as a key metric today. This will pave the way for greater industry growth and the opportunities are certainly far-reaching for businesses looking to move quickly to deliver innovative solutions for a tech market that’s ripe for the introduction of advanced big data solutions.

10 Predictions for the Tech Industry in 2022

Chris Cunningham of C2 Ventures offers some predictions for what 2022 will bring to tech, covering NFTs, managing change, tech bubbles, and much, much more…

Web3/Metaverse Chat with Mark Zuckerberg

From their purchase of Instagram and WhatsApp in 2012 and 2014 respectively, Facebook has always demonstrated a real understanding of going where the attention is. I think their most recent move is no different. While the name switch seems random to some, it made perfect sense to me for the times we’re in. With their entrance into the VR space through innovations like Oculus Quest, and of course the current surge of NFTs and Web3 technology, rebranding as Meta is a timely decision that makes a lot of sense for where the company — and society — is ultimately headed.

The Impact of AI-Enabled Smart Cities

“All kinds of automation are great, BUT a city is about satisfying the quality of life of its residents before everything. Integrated dashboards with AI and robots, and tech-supported decision makings are a life-long technical dream of all generations of urban professionals, engineers, architects, but most of the people would agree that there would not be worse governance than the one of scientist government. For the simple reason that humans are sensitive entities more than rational ones, highly unpredictable and so far never completely understood by any science.”

Robotic Startup Now Cuisine Takes On Ghost Kitchens and Drone Deliveries

The robotics industry is at an inflection point where the baton is being passed from the scientists to the practitioners. In historical terms, we are witnessing the Edisons of the world harness the innovations of the likes of Faraday to create life-changing businesses and wealth. Automation has moved from smart manufacturing and logistics to fry cooking and salad tossing.

Robot Stomachs: Powering Machines With Garbage and Urine

The World Bank estimates that 3.5 million tons of solid waste is produced by humans every day, with America accounting for more than 250 million tons a year or over 4 pounds of trash per citizen. This figure does not include the 34 billion gallons of human organic materials that are processed in water treatment centers across the country each year.

Are Robo-Butlers Really Handy?

“I am extremely skeptical about the quality of the artificial intelligence behind the housekeeping robot in Samsung’s CES video. They show it performing an extremely wide variety of tasks, from pouring wine to loading the dishwasher to doing laundry. Developing an AI robust enough to go into an unknown consumer home and learn from them how they want to pick up toys is already a hard problem.”

What is Clubhouse App, and Why Does it Matter?

Let’s talk about Clubhouse app. The app is the beginning of a wildly underrated, emerging, social media platform. Why is it underrated? Because most people don’t know about it yet. While many of you might already know about Clubhouse, in the scheme of 300 million-plus Americans and 7.5 billion people on earth, very few do. The […]

The Next Stage in the Financial Revolution: AR and VR Solutions

The next step in the financial evolution has welcomed the applications of immersive Augmented and virtual realities. AR and VR can transform traditional banking and financial services into staggering, visual experiences by developing a personalized, face-to-face virtual environment.

Instagram Reels vs. Tiktok: 13 Things You Need to Know

Facebook is preparing to launch its very own competitor to TikTok, Instagram Reels. Using the popular photo-sharing platform as a testing field, Instagram Reels will have several, nearly identical, features that mirror TikTok’s; the Chinese based newcomer.