Master Your Marketing Funnel and Media Mix

This post will help you learn the various stages of the marketing funnel, the right tactics and metrics to explore at each stage of the funnel, and how to translate that into an effective media mix.

How to Sell to Small Businesses

I really think that my opinions and suggestions on selling to small businesses can add value to many of you because I lived that life – I operated and navigated within a small business environment for much of my 20s.

What the 5 Stages of Grief Teach Us About Technology

How many times have investors heard startups start their pitch by touting that their technology is “disruptive?” What entrepreneurs forget or don’t realize is that most customers are wary of all technology, educating the market on new technology is expensive, takes a long time, and people buy problem solutions rather than technology. Investors will likely […]

9 Keys To Effective Communication In Today’s Business World

When was the last time you changed how you communicate to your team and to your customers? The way you deliver your message is key to maximizing its impact or even reaching the intended audience. Don’t count on people reading your Annual Report for breaking news. Your team needs to hear from you on a regular […]

5 Keys To Expanding Your Thinking And Raising Results

It’s time for more entrepreneurs to reset their focus, and shift their thinking to completely different ways of doing things. Everyone talks about innovation, but the majority of business plans I see still reflect linear thinking.

3 Tips For Running A Successful Family Business

Gary Vaynerchuk offers a few tips for anyone interested in starting or joining a family business.