5 Reasons Why The Metaverse Matters

I think a more expansive view of the metaverse is helpful to see the evolution that is well underway. I see VR as the most immersive metaverse (per the graphic below), but I think you enter the metaverse once you start engaging with your mobile phone or any other device that brings you in to a computer-generated digital realm.

Dear President Joe Biden: Regulations Won’t Solve Tech Monopolies, But Decentralization Will

By a very wide margin, the most effective thing the federal government can do to address FAMGA’s impact is to provide a friendly regulatory environment for crypto and let capitalism do its thing.

Alternative Investments to Look Into: Know This

The truth is, when it comes to investing, the world is in a very different place today than it was for your parents or even your older siblings. For older generations, investing sat in the context of three main things: stocks, real estate, and just sitting on your actual cash.

What Is NFT? Non-Fungible Token Guide

Like the internet in the 1990s or social media in the early 2000s, NFTs will go down in history as one of the most significant things to happen in modern technology and culture at large. Big statement — I know — so let me tell you why I’m so excited.

Buckle Your Seat Belt – DeFi Is Crypto’s Netscape

I know DeFi is our Netscape moment because it’s scaling, rapidly. Just like Netscape’s browser did. The market is screaming that DeFi has found product-market fit. Total value locked in DeFi is up more than 4X in two months.a

As the Working Class Struggle, Blockchain and Decentralized Systems Offers a Plausible Solution

Blockchain makes banking and financial services more accessible. Anyone with a mobile phone can create a secure account. With recent data from the World Bank revealing 1.7 billion adults globally have no access to a bank account – but two-thirds of them own a mobile phone, blockchain can fill this void.

3 Mindset Shifts To Prepare For The Transformative Power Of Blockchain And Emerging Technologies

Do you remember when MapQuest first hit the scene in the late 90s? It blew people’s minds that they could print out directions for getting anywhere they wanted to go. To be sure, making a map digital and interactive was a huge step forward, but it was a linear, incremental way of thinking. This fact […]

Facebook is Dying, Libra Won’t Save It, and Wall Street is Clueless

I was the first person to call Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and offer to buy the company (I was running Bolt at the time). In March, 2010, I published the first Wall Street style research report on Facebook on a Tumblr blog, with a $100 billion five year price target (it was actively trading in the private markets at […]

The US Dollar Is A Ponzi Scheme

Per Wikipedia, a Ponzi scheme …. is a form of fraud which lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors by using funds obtained from more recent investors This is how the U.S. government now operates. It loses massive amounts of money every year (i.e. runs at a deficit) and finances it with new debt. When […]

Icarus, Daedalus, and the Distributed Ledger

Any entrepreneur looking to enter the blockchain space must ask if their project is delivering a legitimate, tangible productivity improvement.