Learning from 2021: What Does the New Year Hold for Duolingo and Edtech Stocks?

One of the most difficult aspects of analyzing edtech stocks is the fact that the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has created such a seismic push towards digital transformation that it’s hard to tell whether the emerging tech stocks that recently launched IPOs are experiencing inflated market caps, or whether there’s plenty more upside to enjoy.

Where We Are Investing Now: Market-Based Education

Education is part of health and happiness as a means of intellectual and financial empowerment and as a vector for delight. Happiness can be enhanced by the acquisition of new skills. Where education was once the province only of formal institutions and largely as part of long-term pedagogical programs, today education is becoming a pure consumer product. It is available by the course, by the class, or by the experience, whenever and wherever desired. Professional grade skills, and the certifications that come with them, can be obtained in the precise measures required by the market, and often at no immediate cost to the student.

Why Online Education Will Thrive

Though many people still think traditional education is best, innovations in online education will change the way we learn.

Where We Are Investing Now: Market-Based Education

When it comes to education, two things stand clear to us. Millions of people of every age and situation require education. It might be to improve college entrance potential or to better one’s job prospects, to acquire a skill or to belong to a community. The need is manifest. At the same time, it is […]