Why the Potential of Big Data is Yet to be Realized in a Tech Market Ripe for Innovation

In the high stakes game of evolving into an unpredictable and new industry like the metaverse, data will be seen as more of an asset for businesses, in a similar way as ROI is valued as a key metric today. This will pave the way for greater industry growth and the opportunities are certainly far-reaching for businesses looking to move quickly to deliver innovative solutions for a tech market that’s ripe for the introduction of advanced big data solutions.

6 Technology Trends That Will Spawn Countless New Ventures

Data in all formats will soon be the largest source of new opportunities for startups or death.

10 Business Areas Where Data Is The Key To The Future

Even though ‘big data’ has now been around for several years, the opportunities for startups seem to keep growing, just as the amount of data keeps growing.

Decision Making Only as Good as Quality of Data Studied

Using accurate data is critical, and getting that is not always easy.  And, if you don’t have accurate data, you may be making the wrong business decisions that could end up hurting your business, when you thought you were helping it.  Allow me to explain.

Aspiring Startup Founders Could Benefit From a Grounding in Finance

For entrepreneurially minded millennials in finance, being a contributing part of this shifting culture could serve as excellent grounding for that dream of leading a successful startup.

10 Areas Where You Can Win With Predictive Analytics

Traditional business intelligence (and data mining) software does a very good job of showing you where you’ve been. By contrast, predictive analytics uses data patterns to make forward-looking predictions that guide you to where you should go next. This is a whole new world for small businesses seeking enterprise application opportunities, as well as social […]

Look for A Middle-Way Solution to Customer Loyalty in the Age of Big Data Concerns

Consumers are being asked more and more to hand over their personal data in order to partake in a company’s reward program, but is this truly the best method?

Here’s Why You Need to Attend DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit

Ahead of DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit, we speak to Poulomi Damany, vice-president of data product management at Credit Karma, about the how the personal finance company utilizes AI and analytics to enhance its customer service

Great Power, Great Responsibility: The 2018 Big Data & AI Landscape

It’s been an exciting, but complex year in the data world. Just as last year, the data tech ecosystem has continued to “fire on all cylinders”.  If nothing else, data is probably even more front and center in 2018, in both business and personal conversations.  Some of the reasons, however, have changed. On the one hand, […]