Are Ethics Keeping Pace With Technology?

Returning from vacation, my inbox overflowed with emails announcing robot “firsts.” At the same time, my relaxed post-vacation disposition was quickly rocked by the news of the day and recent discussions regarding the extent of AI bias within New York’s financial system. These unrelated incidents are very much connected in representing the paradox of the acceleration of […]

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Or Hurt Any Business

Everyone has heard about the big potential for using artificial intelligence (AI) to expand your business, but many of the small businesses I mentor are still wary of embracing it, because they don’t understand how it works, and fear losing control and unintended consequences. My advice is that AI is here, so it behooves all […]

Aspiring Startup Founders Could Benefit From a Grounding in Finance

For entrepreneurially minded millennials in finance, being a contributing part of this shifting culture could serve as excellent grounding for that dream of leading a successful startup.

What Happens When The Unmanned Awakens And Becomes Self-Aware?

The star of the Super Bowl wasn’t on the field, but the robot in Michelob ULTRA commercial. The metal beast was featured living and playing among humans, taking any opportunity to show off his brute strength. The bot smugly proves he do anything better than his organic citizens, except down a cold one. In the closing caption,  […]

Here’s Why You Need to Attend DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit

Ahead of DATAx New York’s AI & Big Data for Banking Summit, we speak to Poulomi Damany, vice-president of data product management at Credit Karma, about the how the personal finance company utilizes AI and analytics to enhance its customer service

YouTube Is Making Machines Really Smart

As the playoffs are in full swing, everyone is littering their speech with baseball apologies, “We are only at the bottom of the first inning for all these technologies,” declared Pano Anthos at last week’s RoboLab forum. When illustrating his point, Anthos deconstructed one of XRC Labs‘ portfolio companies which utilizes computer vision to identify store merchandise. “Right […]

5 Steps To Strategy Tuning Through Machine Learning

Conventional thinking in business has long been that strategic decisions are made by humans, while the focus of automation and machine learning should be on execution. With the speed of change and volume of market feedback today, as well as the advances in machine learning, Amazon, Alibaba, and others have proven the value of software-driven strategy decisions.

Great Power, Great Responsibility: The 2018 Big Data & AI Landscape

It’s been an exciting, but complex year in the data world. Just as last year, the data tech ecosystem has continued to “fire on all cylinders”.  If nothing else, data is probably even more front and center in 2018, in both business and personal conversations.  Some of the reasons, however, have changed. On the one hand, […]