The Impact of AI-Enabled Smart Cities

“All kinds of automation are great, BUT a city is about satisfying the quality of life of its residents before everything. Integrated dashboards with AI and robots, and tech-supported decision makings are a life-long technical dream of all generations of urban professionals, engineers, architects, but most of the people would agree that there would not be worse governance than the one of scientist government. For the simple reason that humans are sensitive entities more than rational ones, highly unpredictable and so far never completely understood by any science.”

Reopening America with Intelligence in the Built Environment

As America celebrated this week its 245th year of Independence, New York City is beginning to show signs of liberation from the past year of Covid captivity. Even my landmark office skyscraper, The Empire State Building, recently loosened its pandemic mask and social distancing restrictions. Unfortunately, the bustling of Midtown suits is still far from […]

Buoy Health Raises $37.5M to Help People Accurately Self Diagnose and Receive the Right Care

It took one rotation in the ER of a major Boston hospital for this former med student to realize that a disproportionate number of people who came to the ER based on flawed, online self-diagnosis while patients who needed to be in the hospital often stayed at home. Recognizing this troubling dynamic, Andrew Le took a sabbatical from med school to launch Buoy Health, an AI-powered digital assistant that helps patients accurately self-diagnose and access appropriate care. The company has helped over 9 million people understand their symptoms and seek relevant care options whether it’s telemedicine, primary care, behavioral health resources, etc. Boston TechWatch caught up with Cofounder and CEO Andrew Le, MD to learn more about the company, its future plans, the impressive traction during the pandemic, and recent round of funding from investors that include Cigna Ventures, Humana, Optum Ventures, WR Hambrecht + Co, and Trustbridge Partners.

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is the Future We’ve Been Waiting For

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory started in 2015 by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Marc Benioff, and others. OpenAI’s mission statement: Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. The OpenAI Charter describes the principles that guide us as we execute on our mission. While OpenAI is […]

Botkeeper Raises $25M to Automate Bookkeeping for Accountants and Mid-Size Enterprises

Like most industries, accounting is beginning to embrace automation that allows team members to focus on high-value tasks; eliminating the time spent on repetitive and manual items. Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to accounting firms and businesses using AI, machine learning, and vetted accountants. CEO and Cofounder Enrico Palmerino shares some insight into the company’s recent funding round from notable investors that include Point72 Ventures, Greycroft, High Alpha Capital, and Gradient Ventures and how the company’s solution allows businesses and accounting firms to reclaim time – the one commodity that none of us are getting back.

Is China An AI Security Concern?

Recently, the Interior Department ordered the grounding of its drone fleet that was made in China or contained Chinese parts. This comes on the heels of similar actions taken by the Department of Homeland Security in May and the United States Army in 2017. While political pundits credit the ban to the Trump administration’s policy initiatives […]

Artificial Intelligence, Bona Fide Fraud

A look at why AI fraud is so widespread, and what you can do to protect yourself without missing out on investing in what is still the most potentially impactful technological development of modern times.

When It Comes To Digital Therapeutics, It’s Time To Think Bigger

Even after years of record-setting investment in digital health companies, we’re only on the cusp of this kind of transformational shift in health care. It’s time to speed up the digital health revolution.

Tackling Sustainability and Urbanization With AI-Enabled Furniture

At the turn of the twentieth century, the swelling populations of newly arrived immigrants in New York City’s Lower East Side reached a boiling point, forcing the City to pass the 1901 Tenement House Act. Recalling this legislation, New York City’s Mayor’s Office recently responded to its own modern housing crisis by enabling developers for the […]

5 Exciting Technologies That Need Your Execution Help

As a business advisor and technologist, I often think about the large array of opportunities for entrepreneurs as technology seems to be evolving faster and faster. Yet I still too often hear the question, “Can you give me a really sure-fire idea for starting my own business?” My standard answer is that ideas are a […]