Buoy Health Raises $37.5M to Help People Accurately Self Diagnose and Receive the Right Care

It took one rotation in the ER of a major Boston hospital for this former med student to realize that a disproportionate number of people who came to the ER based on flawed, online self-diagnosis while patients who needed to be in the hospital often stayed at home. Recognizing this troubling dynamic, Andrew Le took a sabbatical from med school to launch Buoy Health, an AI-powered digital assistant that helps patients accurately self-diagnose and access appropriate care. The company has helped over 9 million people understand their symptoms and seek relevant care options whether it’s telemedicine, primary care, behavioral health resources, etc. Boston TechWatch caught up with Cofounder and CEO Andrew Le, MD to learn more about the company, its future plans, the impressive traction during the pandemic, and recent round of funding from investors that include Cigna Ventures, Humana, Optum Ventures, WR Hambrecht + Co, and Trustbridge Partners.

6 Steps to Successfully Selling to the Healthcare Industry

In selling to C-Suite executives in the healthcare industry it’s important that you’re calling on the relevant executive for your sales opportunity. The first thing salespeople need to do is “sit on the other side of the desk” and view their sales opportunity from the perspective of the client executive. To start, think about the […]

Where We Are Investing Now: Biosciences

Health is a remarkable area for early-stage investment. It shows more activity, more exits, more corporate involvement, and more overall value over the past five years than any other segment. However, it is also an extremely crowded area; the number of active health investors has more than doubled to more than 1500. There has also […]

Where We Are Investing Now: Neuroscience

Humans, like computers, are both hardware and software. Human hardware consists of cells, bones, blood, all the physical stuff that comprises our bodies and their many systems. Human software is psychology, mood – the world of our mind and emotions, as opposed to simply our brains. In terms of technology, humans-as-hardware solutions include advances in […]

New Brain Computer Interfaces Lead Many To Ask, Is Black Mirror Real?

A look at the implications of technology on human behavior.

Brain Surgery, The Robot Efficacy Test?

The internet hummed last week with reports that “Humans Still Make Better Surgeons Than Robots.” Stanford University Medical Center set off the tweetstorm with its seemingly scathing report on robotic surgery. When reading the research of 24,000 patients with kidney cancer, I concluded that the problem lied with the humans overcharging patients versus any technology flaw. In […]