Why MOCAs Will Redefine Advertising in 2018

When it comes to marketing, we’ve heard it all before: go where your audience is. The thing is, we already know where they are… on their mobile phones! But how do we as marketers reach them in a tumultuous landscape made up of millions of applications? We’ve inundated consumers on social and traditional media, but […]

How to Use Facebook Ads to Their Fullest Potential

When I show business owners the back end of Facebook advertising, I feel as if I am a magician revealing the secrets behind my marketing tricks. But the truth is, anybody can participate in Facebook advertising and generate business from it: It’s simply about learning how to do it, and taking the time to master […]

How You Can Use Influencer Marketing on Instagram in 2018

Just as fast as influencer marketing became “a thing,” it’s now oversaturated or misleading in the Instagram world. Unless you look at the hard facts of how it has evolved and why the attention is turning to micro-influencers, you might run into trouble going into 2018. My business, a social media outlet and food and […]

Starting Small With a Successful Marketing Campaign

As CEO of a creative marketing and public relations firm, I’ve seen how unique marketing strategies can elevate a company’s brand awareness and drive ROI more than the traditional approaches. Executing a successful marketing campaign doesn’t require millions of dollars in funding: Small businesses and startups can market themselves on a small budget by thinking […]

How to Create a Brand Message That Sticks

Do you ever feel like your brand is stuck in the same routine? Are you experiencing stagnant growth while your competitors are broadcasting their message across the world with viral videos, witty campaigns and ingenious sponsorships? All brands find themselves in this unfortunate position at some point or another — and acknowledging it is the […]

The Most Successful Way to Market to Millennials

We read headlines about millennials daily, but it’s not every day that brand strategists are able to hear directly from the largest generational group in the US. Brands succeed when they start a conversation that someone wants to join. That’s part of what we do at my company, and that’s what Nielsen did in The Millennials […]

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Student Ambassador Program

Red Bull, Victoria Secret, Dell and Coca-Cola are a few of the brands that have been running “campus rep programs” for years —that is, hiring a student to carry out a marketing plan to their peers on campus. As more companies start brand ambassador or campus rep programs, they make a few costly mistakes that […]

Simple, Successful Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs on a Budget

Having participated in building numerous startups, I’ve seen many founders spend too much on their marketing efforts out of a perceived need that they have to spend money to make money (and get noticed). They end up struggling to continue. Plus, investors don’t look too highly on unnecessary expenditures. It isn’t really necessary to spend […]