2017 Is Over But 2018 Is Here To Keep It Going

Well that was an interesting year! So lets wrap it up in style and start making some predictions for what to expect next year and how we can top it because everything needs to go up and to the right. The bigger seed rounds will continue. As I mentioned in my previous post, micro funds raised […]

Life is About Options: 6 Inspiring Lessons you Must Learn from Gary Vaynerchuk

People love Gary Vaynerchuk. They express it by being his 1.3M+ followers on LinkedIn, 2.4M+ Followers on Facebook, 911k+ subscribers on YouTube, and by over-crowding auditoriums at his speaking events. An immigrant from Belarus, born into a family of “old-school Communist parents,” as he describes them, Gary has hustled to become a successful entrepreneur, agency […]

Project Connect Launches Interactive Map: Visualizing Digital Divide in Education

Technology has increasingly become the focus of education aid and international action. However, much of these education resources are predicated on schools having reliable access to the Internet. While traveling through Mauritania, I saw computers sitting, dust-covered, on shelves because they couldn’t be kept charged, and well-designed education materials unused because they relied on Internet […]