Art of the Intro

The importance of “the introduction” to modern business, let alone the history of the world, cannot be understated. Putting together two individuals who benefit mutually from their connection can mark the start of a company, the beginning of a lifelong relationship, or, more commonly, a massive faux pas resulting in incalculable annoyance.

Artificial Intelligence, Bona Fide Fraud

A look at why AI fraud is so widespread, and what you can do to protect yourself without missing out on investing in what is still the most potentially impactful technological development of modern times.

7 Minute Diligence

So in a world where diligence on private-market operating businesses can take months, it’s natural to wonder how much accuracy would be lost if we compressed all that work down to seven minutes.

The New ABCs of Startup Investing: Part 3

We’ve made it — the last installment of our primer on startup investing for the non-startup-investor. We’ve covered the [b]asic plumbing, and we’ve covered [c]onstrained focus. That means we’ve earned the right to press our advantage with the most powerful force in private-market investing, [a]lignment. It ain’t Over till it’s Over First, we meet. Then we invest. And […]

The New ABCs of Startup Investing: Part 2

Compressing years of startup investing experience into a listicle is probably just what the internet was invented for, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Instead, here are a few quick guidelines — the bare necessities to prevent immediate disqualification in your rookie year.

The New ABCs of Startup Investing

There is a pervasive mythology that startup investing is particularly difficult, and that the people who do it are particularly special. Vaunted names are spoken in hushed tones … Sacca, Doerr, Andreesen. Otherworldly high-performers whose early and growing portfolio of winners cannot simply be explained away by survivorship bias.

Why Do the Winners Keep on Winning?

Have you ever wondered why the best venture capitalists keep winning outsized returns? Why do the best agents keep discovering new talent? Why do the best universities keep minting Nobel Laureates and CEOs? Most people attribute this continued success to their being “the best.” That somehow their innate abilities, processes, and general brilliance enable them […]