The Top 4 Things to Study When Hiring New Employees

t is clearly a job seekers market right now, which affords them the opportunity to take the best of competing offers, even if they have already accepted a previous offer, and “ghost” their new employer by never showing up on their first day, which is happening in record numbers and is not a cool move, at all  So, to save you all the tedious effort of having to go back and restart your recruiting efforts after making bad offers or hires, it is important you get it right in the first place.

OKRs Unite Companies to Achieve Goals

Mastering OKRs is not hard but does take commitment from the top and an understanding that changes in how you plan and collaborate take time as you are acquiring new skills and embedding new behaviors. The destination and journey can be rewarding as they can unite your whole company around a common vision and set of goals.

The Death of Search Engine Optimization

Google has always been a staple of any good digital marketing strategy, especially for search engine optimization (SEO), to attract free organic traffic based on the quality of the content on your page. But will it stay this way? George Deeb shares some insight on why SEO may not be viable long-term…

Use Google Trends to Track Your Market Share and Success

I am sure many of you have used Google Trends in the past.  But, for those of you that are not aware of this terrific tool, now is the time to learn how valuable it can be for your business.  

Master Your Marketing Funnel and Media Mix

This post will help you learn the various stages of the marketing funnel, the right tactics and metrics to explore at each stage of the funnel, and how to translate that into an effective media mix.

The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization

This post will help educate you on what CRO is, how to do it, and why this matters to your bottom line.

Leverage Market Downturns as Investment Opportunities

Chaos followed for most businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus:  the stock markets crashed, product demand fell and unexpected losses started to build up.  Most businesses did everything they could to batten down the hatches to help them best weather the storm, including stopping all discretionary investments.  But, should they have?  Most great investors, like Warren Buffett, have been quoted as saying their highest return investments were made during the middle of economic downturns.  So, theoretically, your highest return investments could be made right now, during the peak of the negative economic impact coming out of COVID-19.  So, instead of retreating right now, you may be best served long term by accelerating your long term investment efforts, if you have the capital to do so.  Allow me to explain.

Creating a Symbiotic CEO and CFO Partnership

One of the most important drivers of a successful management team is the relationship between the CEO and the CFO.  The CEO is often times the headstrong, overly optimistic driver of the business; and the CFO is often the more mild-mannered, ultra-conservative controller of the company’s purse strings.  Too much of one, and the business will race off a cliff, and too much of the other, and the business will suffocate.  This post will teach you how to create that perfect harmony in the relationship between your CEO and CFO.

All Search Engine Traffic is Not Created Equal

You constantly need to be relearning the new best practices and resetting your campaigns to truly have a maximum return on your search engine marketing investment. Here are some actionable things you need to know about.

Kids Can Be Entrepreneurs Too!! (Pay Attention School Administrators)

I have previously written about how elementary school-aged kids are capable of learning and grasping complex business skills if instructed on such topics, and that the core K-12 curriculum is broken—too much about rocks, state capitols, and cotton gins, and not enough about entrepreneurship, technology coding and other useful skills they may need to succeed in life—especially […]