Why the Potential of Big Data is Yet to be Realized in a Tech Market Ripe for Innovation

In the high stakes game of evolving into an unpredictable and new industry like the metaverse, data will be seen as more of an asset for businesses, in a similar way as ROI is valued as a key metric today. This will pave the way for greater industry growth and the opportunities are certainly far-reaching for businesses looking to move quickly to deliver innovative solutions for a tech market that’s ripe for the introduction of advanced big data solutions.

Learning from 2021: What Does the New Year Hold for Duolingo and Edtech Stocks?

One of the most difficult aspects of analyzing edtech stocks is the fact that the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has created such a seismic push towards digital transformation that it’s hard to tell whether the emerging tech stocks that recently launched IPOs are experiencing inflated market caps, or whether there’s plenty more upside to enjoy.

Game Over for Meme Stocks as Analysts Predict Retail Sell Offs

2021 was certainly the year of the meme stock. January of last year played host to one of the most memorable short squeezes in stock market history as a group of Reddit-based retail investors collaborated to create a significant rally on GameStop stocks which saw their price climb some 1,900% from its price at the beginning of the year. Subsequent meme-based surges for stocks like AMC looked to cement that speculation, rather than fundamentals, now has the power to deliver growth. However, with analysts beginning to believe that the meme bubble has finally burst, is it game over for 2021’s biggest phenomenon?

Revolut Locks Horns with Robinhood as the Battle for Commission-Free Trading Dominance Hots Up

The arrival of a platform like Revolut, which may take lessons from Robinhood’s embattled reputation during its expansion into US trading, could be a significant test of investor loyalty. For Revolut, Robinhood may be its key rival in the US markets, but the company has laid down a solid PFOF-oriented blueprint for success. It’s also delivered a valuable lesson in how not to operate in terms of its well-documented PR blunders. Now, Revolut needs to learn from Robinhood’s mistakes to successfully crack America.

The Falling Giant: What the Evergrande Crisis Could Mean for Retail Investors

Evergrande has rarely strayed from newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons throughout 2021. At the beginning of the year, investor panic was sparked by the container ship Ever Given as the vessel became stuck in the Suez Canal – causing jitters across global energy markets and international trade. Today, markets have been rocked by the prospect of a default by the Chinese real estate giants. But what could the collapse of Evergrande mean for the wider stock market and retail investors?

Have Retail Investors Been Treated Fairly in the World of Stocks and Shares?

As we’ve already seen with the cases of the GameStop and AMC short squeezes, retail investors have the ability to make their presence felt in the modern stock market, so why does it feel like they’re still the little guys on Wall Street? Let’s take a look at the uneven playing field of retail investing…

GameStop, Dogecoin, and The Rise of Meme Investing: Why Robinhood’s IPO Could Send Retail Investing Social

A look at Robinhood’s role in the rise of meme investing.