Where We Are Investing Now: Longevity and Aging Economy

Longevity and Aging Economy will be one of the core investment areas for Social Starts for the remainder of 2020. Longevity ties strongly into Health and Happiness:

“Healthspan”—the number of years a person can expect to live with full health and no activity limitations—is an emerging concept in this area and should stand at the heart of our investment explorations here. We’ll look for companies innovating in biopharma and digital/AI that can extend Healthspan and that can alter the way individuals, families, and organizations deal with the inevitable issues of aging.

In Longevity, we will focus on investing in:

  • Biotech solutions to forestall, reverse, or treat age-related degeneration and disease

  • Digital health and AI solutions for disease prevention and care efficiency improvement.

  • Aging economy innovations to improve social engagement and emotional health with a particular focus for maintaining independent living and family connection

Due to unclear regulatory pathways, we plan to be quite cautious when evaluating pharmaceutical approaches in this area. It could take literally decades before they can get to market. We will be looking only for those where we see a fast path to exit.

Considering the strong correlation with and Heath/Happiness, we see Longevity as a natural and important investment opportunity for our funds.

Reprinted by permission.