Q2 2020: 15 Largest Global Startup Funding Rounds

14. Varo Money $241.0M
Round: Series D
Description: San Francisco-based Varo Money is a mobile banking business that helps customers cover their expenses, pay their bills, and build their wealth over time. Founded by Assaf Guery, Colin Walsh, Mykola Klymenko, and Roger Van Duinen in 2015, has now raised a total of $414.4M in total equity funding and is backed by investors that include The Rise Fund, Warburg Pincus, Silicon Valley Bank, HarbourVest Partners, and Gallatin Point Capital.
Investors in the round: Gallatin Point Capital, HarbourVest Partners, Jeffrey S. Skoll, Paul Hewson (Bono), Progressive Insurance, The Rise Fund
Funding month: June
Industry: Apps, Banking, Consumer, Financial Services, FinTech, Service Industry
Founders: Assaf Guery, Colin Walsh, Mykola Klymenko, Roger Van Duinen
Founding year: 2015
Location: San Francisco
Total reported equity funding: $414.4M

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