5 Cool Things to Look Out for In The Future

The Wall Street Journal Future of Everything conference was an enjoyable slate of a few days that included cutting edge products and panels of incredible thinkers and doers. We rounded up five things that completely caught our eye and made us excited for the future.

The Automated Bartender: Barsys

Getting a drink just got a whole lot cooler with Barsys: the machine that makes you a custom cocktail in less than 20 seconds. The featured drink of the day was “The Jetson”, and it definitely lived up to its name.

The Exoskeleton that Makes you Feel Like Tony Stark

Ekso Bionics is creating the exoskeleton for people who work in industries that require the lifting of heavy objects. It’s ideal for people who work in industries like construction and manufacturing because it gives the person wearing it extra strength. While Ekso Bionics is focusing on building an exoskeleton for industrial applications, it probably won’t be too long before these devices trickle down to general consumer use.

The Scrambled Eggs that Are Not Actual Eggs

JUST’s created plant-based eggs that taste quite similar to the real thing. JUST’s plant-based eggs come in a cool, minimalist jar and can be prepared the exact same way as regular eggs. JUST can be purchased at grocery stores in certain locations around NYC.

The Next “It” Bar Is Made of Algae

We are waiting for the signs that say infused with CBD to be replaced by “contains 100% algae”. The algae bar created by Nonfood is meant to supplement – and be a healthier alternative – to the generic, sugary granola bar.

The Electronic Skates

The Drift W1 e-Skate created by Segway was fun. It’s a great and efficient way to travel short distances. Learning how to distribute your weight on these skates takes a bit of time, but once you have that figured out you can zoom around. The e-Skate was one of the best products to interact with.